Seal of approval according to IPTAA

Further education, particularly in the field of "soft skills" and "MajorSkills", constitutes a large and lucrative business segment. Unfortunately, teaching is just like the leadership of persons and musical performances – it is only when you experience it that the quality becomes apparent.

Furthermore, what's in black and white isn't always true. This applies in particular to promises that are made in advertisements and in marketing.


Instead, what is decisive for ensuring relevant and long-term learning success are the differences that hidden in the details and hard to discern with an untrained eye.

Due to this, the ProCompetence INSTITUTE has developed a seal of approval for providers of further education courses which guarantees the best possible learning according to the IPTAA for outstanding learning success.

Trusted quality standards thanks to:

  • Horizontally and vertically networked content

  • Trainers/coaches that are qualified and certified for the content

  • Methodological and contextual networking of e-learning and face-to-face learning

  • Consistent offerings for developing, advancing, and consolidating a competency

  • Tools according to IPTAA standards

  • Didactics and methodology according to IPTAA standards

  • Qualification via the imparting of knowledge and real-world ability