History and development

IPTAA originated as a method to reliably and sustainably minimize losses in terms of time, money, quality, and reputation as a result of unnecessary friction, iterative loops and incorrect decision-making in large-scale projects that are technologically and politically complex.


Systematic Management (SM), one of the two basic fields of competency, is derived from this as the starting point. It involves the effective and efficient planning and management of projects, processes, and the establishment and development of structures and workflows necessary for this purpose.


Because another decisive factor for success is how adeptly crises and conflicts are dealt with (prevention – intervention – resolution), the handling of particular challenges (Special Operations – SO) is another field of competency in IPTAA.

Interpersonal interaction, particularly before, during, or after difficult or challenging situations requires a high degree of skill and abilities with regard to communication, leadership, and self-management. In order to develop these skills and abilities, the fields of competency Communicating with Confidence (CwC) and Motivational Leadership (ML) are complemented by the basic field of competency Human Behavior (HB).


The knowledge of basic physiological and psychological structures and workflows, prepared specifically for persons without a medical background to impart a practical understanding of interactions and triggers, round off the content-wise orientation of IPTAA by providing mission-critical know-how.


Apart from IPTAA's clear focus on MajorSkills, key competencies which complement technical competencies, IPTAA is also characterized by a forward-thinking methodology and didactics based on holistic training in competitive sports, such that knowledge and ability remain balanced in real-world situations and positive changes are elicited in behavior and hence in the results obtained – directly and as quickly as possible.


The horizontal and vertical networking necessary for this as well as the coherent orientation and structuring of the content in IPTAA is based on binding assumptions and structures, a clear system.

Developed for reliable success at the highest level