Guiding principles for real-world use

Increased self-efficacy is the general basis for resource-saving and sustainable management of oneself and the environment when realizing defined goals.


Increased self-efficacy is based on expanded abilities and skills – additional decision-making options – particularly when tackling unforeseen and ambitious challenges or target-oriented decision-making and taking action in highly and radically changing as well as complex environments.

With an optimum energy balance and realized benefits in mind, IPTAA recommends proceeding according to the following guiding principles for the development of persons and organizations:

IPTAA guiding principle 1 – Success

"You can often achieve more than you think. What is decisive here are your will and your ability to effect change!"

IPTAA guiding principle 2 – Confidence

„Es ist meist mehr möglich als Du denkst, entscheidend sind nur Dein Willen und Dein  Können zur Veränderung!“

IPTAA guiding principle 3 – Ability

"Talent is helpful, but reliable ability requires training!"

IPTAA guiding principle 4 – Goals

"Always try to change as much as is necessary, not as much as possible."

IPTAA guiding principle 5 – Path

"Always consciously change one component after the other!"

IPTAA guiding principle 6 – Focus

"Better to be able to do what is necessary great, than be mediocre in what is possible!"

IPTAA guiding principle 7 – Practice

"First pay attention to the quality of the execution, then increase the speed!"

IPTAA guiding principle 8 – Results

"Deliberate and reflective thinking and decision-making automatically lead to continuous improvement!"